Regardless of distance, the best strategy to make the most of your hiking experience is to plan and know before you go.

Prepare a nice, organized day pack, wear the appropriate shoes and clothes – dress for success- , take your hat, check the weather forecast and be ready to enjoy nature in all its glory.

You can be sure of one thing : hiking is difficult. But once you tune in and find your pace and look around, magic things start happening. Hiking makes you want to engage all your senses and that’s when another world unravels around you. You will start noticing the birds and animals, plants and insects, the breeze and the colors of earth and sky. It makes you feel connected to yourself and this is the reason why we, the people behind Ecume Akoma, believe it matters and what traveling/hiking/exploring is all about.

There is no “wanderlust gene”. Everyone feels at some point the urge to explore a new place. And hiking, regardless of distance, is the best way to explore nature, nourishing at the same time your body and soul.  One of the most inspiring books to explore the world on foot is: Wanderlust : Hiking on Legendary Trails

The 256 page book has illustrated maps and inspiring landscape photographs of 32 walking routes around the world; from Zion Park in USA to Vikos Gorge in Greece. But it is not yet another detailed planning guide for hikers. It is meant to inspire and take us readers on a visual journey through some of earth’s most spectacular places. We leave you with some photos from the book.

Till next time! Ecume Akoma….