People take different approaches to how to live it up on summer break. Perhaps you’re jetting off to Paris, South Italy or a tropical island! Or even better, perhaps THIS summer is the time you make good on all the plans you’ve sadly fallen through on in past summers. Like your dream ROAD TRIP – summer is the perfect time to set out on a road trip – or sailing the Aegean! We all have those things that we have wanted to do for quite some time, yet we always find an excuse not to. You cannot keep waiting!

Ecume Akoma is now preparing for Summer Travel and has selected the 3 Best Apps for Vacation Planning that will save you time making your dream trip go as smooth as possible!

1. TRIPIT (https://www.tripit.com/web)

Connected to your e-mail account, Tripit automatically creates itineraries from confirmation emails from airlines, car rental services, hotels, restaurant reservations etc. Any piece of information is editable at any time and it works for multiple people on one itinerary, too! Hours of planning organized in seconds!

2. POLAR STEPS (https://www.polarsteps.com/)

A visually pleasing and fast way of keeping a journal while traveling! The tangible, and timely nature of this app, the impressive interface and a reportedly great customer service got us immediately hooked on it! You can track and share your journeys with your friends and family or follow their own travel adventures in real time! The following information is available at a glance: How many kilometers you’ve traveled! The number of places / islands / countries you have visited so far in your trip! All your previous stops and next destinations! Photos taken on each of your stops!

A fun feature included is a Furthest place from home graphic that shows on a world map the furthest from your home place you have traveled! Aren’t you curious to see your furthest from home destination? 

3. ROADTRIPPERS (https://roadtrippers.com/)

Road trips, the mother of all trips they say, the ultimate getaway. A road trip is all about the journey and not the destination; planning your route is important but staying flexible while you are on it is even more crucial. Of course you will want to set your starting point, days of travel, final destination and sites to visit along the way. Always leave room for the unexpected though. Roads constructions, accidents, hurricanes, flooding or last-minute additions of sites you want to check out will affect your route and that’s part of a memorable road trip!

ROADTRIPPERS APP will help you plot ahead your road trip route and allows you to edit it anytime. Insert your destination and dates of travel, what things you’re interested in finding along the way, where do you want to spend your night, and Roadtrippers will find vista points, restaurants, museums, camp sites, natural monuments, and much more for you. When you find a new site you like, add it to your trip, and see the updated route on the map.

Be sure to take your time though; absorb the new scenery, visit all unusual sites, eat in random roadside restaurants, have a beer in local pubs, and strike up conversations with strangers whenever you can. “It’s in those quiet little towns, at the edge of the world, that you will find the salt of the earth people who make you feel right at home.”

What are you waiting for? Go discover the world and explore all those places that you have always dreamed of visiting!

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Plan The Trip Of Your Dreams today and….HIT THE ROAD!

Ecume Akoma, May 2019